Dr. Evelyn Kass-Williamson

Evelyn Kass-Williamson DVM
Integrative, Holistic Veterinarian

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Evelyn Kass-Williamson DVM practices holistic, integrative medicine with a focus on nutrition and herbal therapy. She uses the best that traditional medicine has to offer, but approaches each patient as an individual with unique needs. She will look for the root cause of your pet’s issues and suggest therapies to support natural healing.

Her goal is to help pet owners provide the support to create optimal health in each patient. She will teach pet owners and care givers that health begins in the gut. The gut, or digestive system, houses 70% of the body’s immune system and most of the bacteria that call our bodies home. These microbes contain 99% of the DNA in our bodies and control most of the hormones. The bacteria in the gut produce by-products essential for life as well as hormones that affect behavior, mood and energy. How we choose to feed these organisms affects every aspect of health and well-being. Herbs and nutritional supplements are great resources to support the gut during the healing process. Other herbs provide safe, effective alternatives to traditional medications to alleviate symptoms as your pet heals.

Dr. Williamson’s focus on nutrition is based on the understanding that food is information. This information determines the body’s response. Food can act as poison, causing damage and weakness to a system; or it can act as medicine, supporting, strengthening and healing a system.  Each pet’s needs are different. And these needs change over time. So should the food.

Dr. Williamson has experience in all aspects of traditional veterinary medicine including general practice in preventive care, emergency medicine and shelter medicine as well as practice ownership and management in corporate veterinary medicine. She has found her passion and true love in holistic, integrative medicine, using the best that western medicine has to offer with a holistic viewpoint and incorporating nutrition, herbs, lifestyle and VOM, a chiropractic modality to provide the best medical care. She has holistic practices in 2 locations in Arizona where she uses an integrative approach to health and wellness, focusing on nutrition, lifestyle and environment.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”  Hippocrates