A Reminder to our Valued Clients:

As the impact of COVID-19 continues impact the world, we want to let you know that the Pet Wellness Center will remain open for business and will continue to provide the utmost level of service and care.​

Recently, Governor Doug Ducey has enacted some changes in regard to COVID-19 management. We remain diligent in keeping clients and staff safe.

We are still offering curbside appointments, telemedicine appointments, deep cleaning rooms after each use, social distancing whenever possible and wearing masks whenever possible.

We ask if you or a person you’ve come in contact with is ill or not feeling well, that you have partake in a curbside or telemedicine appointment. We also ask that children be left at home unless absolutely necessary.

We also continue to use our modified Check-In and Appointment procedures to limit social exposure.

We will take you and your pet directly into a clean exam room upon arrival. If ​there is not an exam room immediately available and, you have to wait, then we ask that you seat yourselves at a minimum of 6 feet from one another in the waiting room. Should the lobby become crowded we will ask you to either wait outside or in your car. We will then call you when an exam room becomes available. If you are concerned, we are willing to come out to your car and bring your pet into the clinic for it’s exam, while you wait in your car.

Handwashing and sanitizer is available for use, please feel free to use them. As always, be assured the staff of PWC always wash their hands prior to and after handling an animal. We clean our exam rooms after every pet is seen; sanitizing surfaces between patients. We clean our entire office and sanitize common surfaces such as doorknobs, lavatories, sinks, etc… multiple times a day as a common rule.

We will continue to monitor the advice of the public health authorities and will implement their recommendations as appropriate to ensure the safety and well-being of our staff, clients, and patients.

Thank you,

Dr. Cheryl Rahal
The Pet Wellness Center


​​COVID-19 and Your Pet FAQ

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